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Guided Hunting Trips

Ducks. Geese. Quail.

We offer guided waterfowl and upland bird hunts in East Tennessee. Floating down the rivers decoying waterfowl or running thru fields behind our bird dogs can show you an amazing experience no matter what your needs are. We take pride in knowing that our dogs and guides are going to outwork anyone else, so you can have a great time.



Ada is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. She is a true bird fanatic that will work as long and hard to make your trip enjoyable. 

The Hunts


Quail Hunts

Our Quail hunts are on private land and are release bird hunts. With these trips we use ADA to point the birds then we flush them. We offer many packages and bird amounts to suit your needs. Call today to ask about our quail hunts. 


Goose Hunts

Our Goose hunts are done on the water out of one of our three boats. We have multiple seasons and changing limits thru the year. Give us a call to get more info on our goose hunts.


Duck Hunts

Our duck hunts are done on the water or off one of our three boats. We also hunt out of layout blinds, A frame blinds and other blinds. There are multiple duck species and seasons so give us a call to get on the action. 

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